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Prepare with Pedro’s Emergency Safety Preparedness


Join us Saturday, September 25th, 10 AM-11 AM for a morning of
learning how to be prepared in case of an emergency. In recognition of National Safety Preparedness Month, American Red Cross is teaming up with CMoW to bring you......
Prepare with Pedro’s Emergency Safety Preparedness program. It is a fun and engaging 30-40 minute interactive presentation that was created by the Red Cross for children ages 4-7 years old that teaches age-appropriate skills for handling a home fire emergency, hurricanes and other stressful situations. Pedro the penguin guides children through a set of activities on topics such as home fire safety, coping skills, and good old-fashioned penguin fun! Participants will be able to enjoy a take-home snack and special visitor provided by Monkey Junction Chic-Fil-A!

When: September 25th, 10 AM-11 AM

Where: The Children's Museum of Wilmington
116 Orange St. Wilmington NC 28411

Admission: The cost of regular Saturday admission!
Reserve your spot by reserving your ticket below for September 25th!

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Two Friends with a Tablet

Prepare with Pedro program consists of:

• An introduction to the concept of emergency preparedness

• A short story covering basic preparedness and protective

actions appropriate for children and their families

• Follow along activity for a locally prominent hazard

• Age-appropriate coping skills for handling emergencies

and other stressful situations

• Tools for increasing household preparedness

Students will learn:

• Understand what it means to prepare

• Be able to demonstrate the most essential protective actions

for their age level for the emergency taught

• Be able to practice a basic coping skill and understand its use

• Be able to share what they learned with household members

Can't make it? No problem. Practice Safety Preparedness Month at home...

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